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We understand how hard it can be to raise a child here in NYC without feeling anxious and the pressure to get it all right. We are here for you…

That’s why here at Grace we want to get to know the families in our neighborhood and come alongside them to answer the many questions parents face every day. Join us Sunday, October 8th from 9-2pm at the Cunningham Park Farmers Market where you can catch a break and have the kids enjoy some free Arts and Crafts.

Justin Varghese is a New York native who was raised in Queens/Long Island.

After graduating from Bethel seminary God placed a dream in Justin’s heart to see a church planted in East Queens. This would be a church that would serve the surrounding neighborhoods helping people to know and experience the deep love of Jesus.

Justin has a passion for the glorious message of the Gospel to captivate the disillusioned hearts of the second generation South Asian community and serve the broken and forgotten of East Queens.

On Easter Sunday, March 27th, the dream became a reality.

In 2013 we began to develop a core team that would to work towards planting a church to serve our local context. We live in an incredibly diverse area. With over 1 million people within a 5 mile radius we meet people that come from different racial, spiritual, and socioeconomic backgrounds on a daily basis. Nearly half of these people have little to no faith affiliation and don’t believe in a higher power.

We believe that God has divinely placed us here to be a new voice
in East Queens for His redemptive story.

Under the leadership and training we’ve received from The Community of Grace and Redeemer City to City our team is more ready than ever to bring the good news of Jesus to our city. We have a unique opportunity to present the hope of the Gospel of Jesus with the same clarity and compassion which Christ gave to us. This is why we launched Grace East Queens in Bayside, NY on Easter Sunday.

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Core Beliefs

Grace exists to create safe places in New York City for people to explore and be challenged in faith toward Jesus.

Jesus as the Center

We believe that Jesus is the gracious savior and king of the earth. Therefore, our lives are lived best in his loving service.

Value the Journey

We believe in the tension of personal growth realizing that we are all broken people changing at the pace of the Holy Spirit.

Live in Community

We believe in the power of biblical togetherness; knowing and being known so that we can love, serve, and challenge each other in the truth of the Gospel.

Love Your Neighbor

We believe the Holy Spirit leads us to lay down our lives for the people who cross our paths on a daily basis.

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Join the Team!

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